No restore point, Shadow copying has timed out (0x81000101

I have tried to download windows updates but it needs to create a restore point 1st. After sometime it then displays No restore point, Shadow copying has timed out (0x81000101) Try again. I Have tried turning on system restore and turning it off, this does not help. I have made sure that "Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider,Volume Shadow Copy" have been turned onto Automatic. This did not help. I Have windows 7 ultimate x64, IE version is 8, And the devices hooked up are a printer,Keyboard,and a Mouse. I am Beginning to be at a lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gary

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error code 0x81000101

This error can occur if the Shadow Copy services are not running. The backup applications and System Restore depend on these services.

Perform the following.

Open Control Panel.

Click the Classic View in the Tasks pane.

Double click Administrative Tools.

Double click Services.

Scroll down and double click the Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider.

In the Startup Type menu, select Automatic.

Click the Start button.

Click Apply / OK.

Next, scroll down to the Volume Shadow Copy service and perform the same steps.

Exit everything and reboot the computer.

IF that doesn't work(不需要手动打开,需要运行该服务的时候,系统会自动开启它。)

Did your computer come with a Recovery Partition on the drive? (Check the computers documentation)

If it did, you cannot have any backup software or System Restore set to backup or monitor that drive.

Go to Control Panel.

Click on Classic View in the Task Pane.

Double click System.

Select Advanced System Settings in the Tasks Pane.

Click the System Protection Tab.

In the Available Disks section, make sure that the backup partition is not selected. If it is, remove the check mark.

After this is done or if this does not work, go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools and click on Disk Cleanup.

In the Options dialog, select 'Files from all users on this computer'. Click the C: system drive. When the scan is completed, click the 'More Options' Tab. In the 'System Restore and Shadow Copies' section, click the 'Cleanup' button. In the 'Are you sure......' popup, click Delete. Click OK.

Wait for the Disk Cleanup to complete.

Now, go back into Disk Cleanup and follow the same procedure for any other drives that appear in the drop down menu where you selected the C: drive the first time.

Exit everything and reboot the computer.

After the computer reboots, check System Restore again. If System Restore is still not working, go back into System Protection and turn off System Restore for all drives and reboot the computer again. This will delete all restore points on all drives.

After the reboot, go back and enable System Restore for the C: volume only. Create a new restore point for that drive.

Let me know the results.

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Error 0x81000102

In reply to: error code 0x81000101

Tried the above recommended solution but didn't work;
I tried each step and still couldn't get a restore to happen and finally, did
last step which wiped out the only restore point that I had left (which I couldn't use anyway) and now cannot create
a new one so still have no way of doing a backup or restore.
Very frustrating, any more suggestions?
Thanks for any assistance.

I'm using Vista home premium, 32 bit, 1 GB ram, dual core

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Do you remember?

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Microsoft's backup and restore solutions have been poor to terrible over the years. Why not explore other ways to backup?

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Thanks for the reply

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I may have to use other software as the prob. still isn't fixed. Too bad since I already have 1/2 my 1TB ext. drive filled with back up files. Didn't really want to start all over. Oh well!

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ASRock Xfast USB caused my sys restore problem

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After two years of trying everything, I finally fixed my System Restore using this post by WalterBerndl: Check if you have a program called "XFast USB" usually installed with the MoBo from the mainboard vendor ASRock.

When trying to create a restore point, it hung at "creating a restore point," followed by the error message: "The restore point could not be created for the following reasons: The creation of a shadow copy has timed out. Try this operation again. (0x81000101) Please try again."

I Googled and came across many others who had resolved the 0x81000101 problem by uninstalling XFAST USB. I was experiencing the problem with ASRock Xfast USB version 3.0.28.

I then uninstalled ASRock Xfast USB (xfastusb) and rebooted. This resolved the 0x81000101 problem.

NOTE: I first tried to upgrade to ASRock Xfast USB version 3.0.38, but again encountered the error message. Also removing it from the Start Up Menu does nothing, as there is an additional driver it installs to your system. Uninstalling it removes this driver

Another example of these "booster" programs is ASUS' "USB 3.0 Boost" But if you don't have those kinds of board, but have any kind of "USB turbo-boosters" installed, you still should remove it. They don't get along well with the Volume Shadow Copy service.

windows 2008 server window server backup 报VSS 0x81000101错误。windows log 报2155348001错误。

VSS 报 Creation of the shared protection point time out. Detail error: The shared protection point operation failed with error 0x81000101.

windows log报:The backup operation that started at '?2012?-?07?-?31T08:33:29.342000000Z' has failed because the Volume Shadow Copy Service operation to create a shadow copy of the volumes being backed up failed with following error code '2155348001'. Please

     review the event details for a solution, and then rerun the backup operation once the issue is resolved.




Windows Server Backup failed to backup with error 0x81000101


    Windows Server Backup is timing out during shadow copy creation since it is taking more than 10 minutes.


    - Run regedit.exe and navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SPP"

    - Create a new Registry value of type DWORD with name "CreateTimeout"

    - Change value to 12000000(2*10*60*1000 = 20 mins) in decimal


这个方法之前就尝试过,Wbadmin.msc里备份会卡在Removing deleted items....

VSS(volume shadow copy service)与 snapshot 优缺点或区别

卷影拷贝服务(Volume Shadow Copy Service,VSS)是Microsoft在Windows Server 2003中开始引入的服务,它能让用户在没有IT专业人员协助的情况下,更轻松地恢复丢失的文件。此外,VSS还提供了更灵活的备份方案。结合了良好的规划以及最新的备份和恢复技术,卷影拷贝服务将对灾难恢复计划的增强很有帮助。VSS甚至让小企业也有恢复丢失数据的能力。其实,VSS还为大企业提供比基本工具更多的恢复选项,并帮助其减少数据恢复任务中IT专业人员的数量。
snapshot,也就是快照技术,在backup时被广泛采用。很早就被应用到阵列和主机中,主要采用Copy on Write的算法。这些详细的技术细节,可以去snia.org上查找。通常,他们都是基于卷,在block级别进行处理。各种大型的array中都有支持,主机OS上的卷管理器,如VxVM上就可以做快照。
VSS是Windows下的快照技术,由Requestor, Write, 和Provider组成;主要由驱动程序Volsnap.sys实现,被加到卷管理驱动和文件系统驱动之间,同时集成了COM技术。因此,它不再是单单在卷级上的block进行处理,而是和各种系统应用相关联,比如SQL,EXCHANGE,AD等等。从而使得在不关机,也不停止应用的情况下,做快照。VSS被广泛的应用到Windows的备份处理中,除了windows自带的备份应用,还被Veritas,CA, CommVault等厂家采用。
VSS和盘阵的快照很不同,它进行备份时要求有VSS Requestor发令,rechardluo兄说的V,C的备份软件不是什么采用,而是VSS把V,C当作Requestor,由备份软件来发令.而盘阵不是.
至于许兄所将的V,C,如果他们没有MS提供的VSS SDK,他们会什么也做不了,当然MS狠愿意提供出来,赚钱的事情谁不想做啊,千万不要忽略了微软在这方面的控制力。八卦一个,以前V和MS关系还不错,但是被V被S收购后,就与MS的产品线冲突了,所以前段时间才有S和MS关于IP诉讼的CASE。


卷影拷贝服务(Volume Shadow Copy Service,VSS)是Microsoft在视窗系统 Server 2003中开始引入的服务,他能让用户在没有IT专业人员协助的情况下,更轻松地恢复丢失的文件。此外,VSS还提供了更灵活的备份方案。结合了良好的规划及最新的备份和恢复技术,卷影拷贝服务将对灾难恢复计划的增强非常有帮助。VSS甚至让小企业也有恢复丢失数据的能力。其实,VSS还为大企业提供比基本工具更多的恢复选项,并帮助其减少数据恢复任务中IT专业人员的数量。
    Snapshot,也就是快照技术,在backup时被广泛采用。非常早就被应用到阵列和主机中,主要采用Copy on Write的算法。这些周详的技术细节,能去snia.org上查找。通常,他们都是基于卷,在block级别进行处理。各种大型的array中都有支持,主机OS上的卷管理器,如VxVM上就能做快照。
    指针型快照有两种实现方式,一种是在原数据被修改前,先将原数据复制到特定的快照区域(独立的磁盘分区或是在原文件系统占用的区域),然后再修改快照中的指针,这样能不改动原文件系统的指针结构,从而减少磁盘碎片,大多数厂商的快照都是这么做的,包括VSS;更有一种是修改的数据继续写到同文件系统的空余空间,并修改文件系统原来的指针,而不是修改快照的指针,用这种方式的厂商不多,最佳的就是NETAPP WAFL了,这取决于其特别的文件系统结构及NVRAM良好配合。
    映像型快照使离线访问数据成为可能,如EMC timefiner、IBM Flashcopy、HDS ShadowImage、VERITAS volume manager snapshot等。但也不能一概而论,好比IBM的FlashCopy能分为前台和后台copy两种方式,前台copy就是映像型快照,后台copy就是指针型快照。
    实际应用中,快照能由存储设备控制器内的软件来实现,也能通过在OS上的volume manager等第三方软件或是文件系统本身的技术来实现。
    VSS是视窗系统下的快照技术,由Requestor, Write, 和Provider组成;主要由驱动程式Volsnap.sys实现,被加到卷管理驱动和文件系统驱动之间,同时集成COM技术。因此,他不再是单单在卷级上的block进行处理,而是和各种系统应用相关联,比如SQL,EXCHANGE,AD等等。从而使得在不关机,也不停止应用的情况下,做快照。VSS被广泛的应用到视窗系统的备份处理中,除了windows自带的备份应用,还被Veritas、CA、CommVault等厂家采用。

    VSS和盘阵的快照非常不同,他进行备份时需求有VSS Requestor发令,VERITAS,CA的备份软件不是什么采用,而是VSS把VERITAS,CA当作Requestor,由备份软件来发令。而盘阵不是。